Less than a week ago, Bethesda released Beta Update 1.1 for the PC version of Dishonored 2.  Now a new update, Beta Update 1.2, is available for download via Steam.

Beta Update 1.2 is designed to fix numerous performance and optimization issues.  These fixes include but are not limited to the following changes and improvements:

  • Framerate stuttering has been reduced.
  • VRAM usage is no longer higher than the available VRAM.
  • The game no longer stretches to fit the screen using non-native resolutions.
  • Additional HBAO+ and simulation support has been added for AMD GPUs.
  • Mouse sensitivity is no longer dependent on the framerate.
  • Water Quality settings now affect canals and pools instead of just the ocean.
  • Gamepads are now recognized if they are plugged in after running the game.
  • Alt-tab no longer endlessly switches between Dishonored 2 and other programs.

Beta Update 1.2 also includes various crash fixes, UI tweaks, and additional graphical options.  Furthermore, several performance issues were linked to certain GPU drivers, specifically Nvidia drivers 375.70 and 375.86; Bethesda recommends that players with these drivers update to 375.95.

With any luck, Beta Update 1.2 will fix most performance issues and increase game optimization.  However, players who still encounter problems are asked to submit a post on the Dishonored 2 forum.

Dishonored 2 is available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the PC.  For a more in-depth look at the game, read Gamespresso’s review of Dishonored 2.

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