It seems likely that BurNing will be departing from IG in order to replace Zhi Hao ‘Hao’ Chen in Vici Gaming.  Hock Chuan ‘ChuaN’ Wong posted on his Weibo saying “If you leave, I wish you all the best in your journey. If you stay, I will battle alongside you for another year,”.  While there is no confirmation of the move, VG are certainly interested in securing the player.

Despite finishing fourth in TI5, VG deemed it necessary to change up their roster in order to move forward.  There has been no official reason for dropping Hao, but there are many fans that believe having a past TI winner is a curse.  A player who has won TI before is less likely to win another, and so fans believe that a team with a past winner will not be able to win the tournament.  Hao will most likely move to his former team, Newbee.

BurNing’s potential move could be disastrous for IG however.  They have already lost their 1 position player, and if BurNing does leave, it is likely that ChuaN will also retire.  ChuaN has stated that “If I am not able to team up with players like BurNing and Ferrari, the players I want to play with after the tournament, I will most probably retire.”

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