After placing 9th-12th at TI5, Cloud9 has made the decision to disband their Dota 2 team.  The performance was well below expectations for the team and moving forward, it’s not clear what the organisations next move will be.

The first announcement of the teams break up was on Rasmus ‘Misery’ Filipsen’s stream.  The streamer stated that the team had disbanded and that “I can’t say anything more than that. It’s for the better, guys.”  This information was later confirmed by a tweet from Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao.

The Cloud9 owner, Jack Etienne, has revealed that the organisation will be looking to sponsor another Dota 2 team in the future.  It’s assumed that the teams poor performance at TI5 is the main reason behind them disbanding, although there has been no official reason provided.

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