Gears of War Judgment may look like the Gears game that took the most risks, what with its unique approach to telling a story in the campaign as well as its level design that differed from the other Gears games. Not to mention that series stalwarts Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago had no place in the game. Nevertheless, Adrien Chmielarz – who was the former creative director on the game – has suggested that even more risks were planned to be taken.

Speaking to OXM, Chmielarz had this to say.

“A few mechanics and design points were altered to be somewhat safer. As an example, Judgment reveals new enemy types in a typical way: a cutscene kicks in and the monster presents itself and does something that explains its powers or abilities. Then we return to gameplay, knowing what we’re dealing with. It’s a good solution, but I wanted the initial confusion. The player was to be surprised and unsure about how to deal with the enemy.”

Quite why he didn’t have his way remains unknown but fingers crossed that more risks will be taken in Gears 4.

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