Guardians hold onto your Ghosts because there are even more changes to the Destiny experience with the upcoming expansion pack, The Taken King. Big things are happening in this latest expansion as yesterday it was revealed Bungie wouldn’t let players upgrade Year One legendary weapons to The Taken King’s power levels which will force players into the latest expansion weapons and gear if they want to use the best.

Now, according to Game Informer’s September cover story which is packed with a lot of great information about The Taken King, Bungie plans to change a lot in the Destiny experience by adding a mercy rule in multiplayer, changing the way to upgrade legendary weapons, and updating the role of the Gunsmith.

The Crucible, Destiny’s competitive multiplayer mode, will now include a mercy rule to help make the mode a more fair and balanced experience. If a team is getting slaughtered the mercy rule will activate which ends the match and sends both teams back to matchmaking. Bungie’s also updating the matchmaking system to give players of similar skill levels a better chance of being matched up against one another.

The upgrade system for legendary and exotic weapons has changed in The Taken King. By sacrificing unwanted legendary and exotic gear, players can now boost other legendary weapons in the same gear slot. This should taper some of the disappointment that comes with getting a duplicate legendary gear drop.

Finally, Bungie is changing the role of the Gunsmith with the in-game weapons market. In the past, the Gunsmith was an NPC character who was quickly forgotten after the first part of the game because the weapons he offered to sell were woefully underpowered compared to the drops found throughout the game.

Now the Gunsmith will have a reputation meter like other NPC vendors in the game which is boosted by “checking out” his guns to complete specific bounties. As soon as a specific reputation level is reached with the Gunsmith, players will be able to purchase legendary weapons directly through the vendor once a week.

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