The upcoming expansion pack for Destiny, titled The Taken King, will be adding on two brand new modes for the player versus player online Crucible mode.

Fans of the shooter have often clamoured on the online forums for Destiny for the addition of an objective based mode within Crucible. The Taken King aims to address these wishes, adding in Rift, a 6v6 mode. At the beginning of Rift, a Spark will deploy in the middle of the map, and both teams must attempt to carry said Spark into the opponents base within a certain time limit, gaining rewards even if they come close to achieving this.

The next mode, titled Mayhem, is suitably named. Grenades, ammo, Super abilities and melee moves recharge very quickly, allowing each player to essentially become a superhero within the game. However Bungie has stated that Mayhem may be an experimental move, with design lead Lars Bakken stating “we’re gonna put it out there, we’re gonna see what people think.”

Bungie has also stated that there will be permanent playlist for the Elimination mode, which is a 3v3 battle that was previously only available during the limited time Trials of Osiris mode, which was traditionally only Friday to Tuesday.

The Taken King is set to launch worldwide for all platforms on September 15th, and will bring major changes to Destiny, such as the new Crucible and Strike modes.

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