A new trailer for Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV has been released.

In the new trailer (seen below), we get a preview of the movie’s story, and a glimpse of the action that will be featured in the film. While you do not have to have played any of the games to enjoy Kingsglaive, there will be many references in Final Fantasy XV that players would not understand without watching the film. Kingsglaive will depict the events that lead into the game, as Prince Noctis’ father, King Regis, fights off the enemy Empire.

“Along with Final Fantasy XV, the main theme portrayed in Kingsglaive is the bond between father and son,” states director Takeshi Nozue. “While watching the film you’ll see the love they have for each other and understand the pressures of fulfilling the responsibility of being King.”

Last week, a trailer for the Final Fantasy XV spin-off, A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV, was released. The game follows King Regis as he tells Noctis a bedtime story full of adventure. The retro-style title will feature fast combat and the ability to wield magic and powerful summons. The game will be available to those who pre-order Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Kingsglaive will release in theaters on August 19th. It will then release on PlayStation Video on August 30th.

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