A trailer has been released for the upcoming retro-style Final Fantasy XV spin-off, A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV.

A King’s Tale features fast and intense combat with the ability to wield magic and powerful summons. Players will have companions that each have their own super moves. The game will be available to those who pre-order Final Fantasy XV when it releases this September.

“Restless before bed young Noctis asks his father, King Regis, to tell a fairy tale full of fantasy and adventure instead of just another generic bedtime story,” reads A King’s Tale’s description. “Regis begins with a peaceful day being disrupted when monsters raid the royal capital, Insomnia. Young Regis, joined by Weskham, starts his adventure from the royal capital.

“Eventually they are joined by friends Cid and Clarus, where they travel to the plains of Duscae only to discover a mysterious cave where their enemy resides. Throughout the tall tale, King Regis and Noctis interject their own commentary, adding depth and perspective to the story itself.”

Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30th. The game will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also releasing soon is a CG movie that also follows King Regis, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The movie will be in select theaters starting August 19th.

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