Good news Guardians. This morning Bungie announced, during their livestream presentation of Destiny: The Taken King, that they will double the vault space for both weapons and armor in the latest expansion.

Currently, players are stuck with only 36 slots for weapons and 24 slots for armor. In The Taken King, players will be able to store 72 different weapons and 72 different pieces of armor in their vaults. Also, the general vault will be expanded to 36 slots.

Below is a screencap of the weapons vault from the livestream.

Destiny Weapon Vault

Below is a screencap of the armor vault from the livestream.

Destiny Armor Vault

Bungie also gave more details about the level boost that will be included in The Taken King. Yesterday we reported that it’s a level 25 boost, but now we know it’s officially called the “Spark of Light” and is a one-time use consumable that upgrades one character of your choice up to level 25. Bungie created the boost to let new players jump in with their friends and experience the Taken King’s content which starts at level 25.

Destiny Spark of Light

Bungie keeps pumping out news for this massive update which includes new weapons, changes to Destiny’s economy, updates to the Gunsmith, new features in Strike missions, and why The Taken King is worth $40.

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Destiny: The Taken King launches September 15th on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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