The NFL is well-known for constantly trying to expand the horizons of zealous fans. Recent investments in technology have attempted to create a more informative and exciting game for fans to watch.

Microsoft’s new app aims to make NFL more like Madden by providing more precise information with their “Next Gen Stats” program, which placed computer chips in players’ gear. Users can see plays happen via symbolic representation that give detailed breakdowns of routes, speed, manoeuvres, scoring runs and defensive blocks:


NFL: Not Video GamesFans of Madden NFL may notice the similarities to Madden’s own stats overview. Fantasy football fans will also have a few extra features; notifications will be pushed to the front of the app through an Xbox notification to let you track specific players and keep track of certain games.

This comes at the fore of a push from Microsoft to integrate the Xbox One as more than just a games console, making it more of a home entertainment system. The improved app will be available in September just in time for the NFL season.


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