If you were to file anything under “things you never knew you wanted”, it would have to be these 80s-themed Destiny posters. Featuring Strike bosses from across the game, these posters capture everything wonderful about the 80s movie scene and combine it with everyone’s favourite cave-shooting sim, Destiny.

A Reddit user managed to draw up the posters in Photoshop, deciding to make a series after seeing a similar poster of Sepiks Prime shortly after the Devils’ Lair Strike became the Nightfall earlier in the week.

The 80s posters introduce ‘favourites’ such as Master Rahool, playing roles ranging from ‘Scammer’, to ‘Xur’, and even ‘Telemarketer’. From Omnigul’s poster: “Starring Xur as Rahool; introducing Master Rahool as Xur”. This is one case where it pays to read the fine print at the bottom.

Without any further ado, I present Destiny: Posters of the 80s.


Destiny Sekrion


Destiny Sepiks Prime

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