With the release of Just Cause 3 less than a week away, Avalanche Studios has posted a video, featured above, that showcases the first hour of gameplay for the open world game.

Square Enix has released a bevy of videos for the upcoming game including an explanation of their new game engine and destruction system and a trailer featuring gameplay footage in 4K.

PC will be the only place to play Just Cause 3 in 4K, or 2160p, as the PS4 version will render at 1080p and the Xbox One will render at 900p. If gamers are curious about what they’ll need to run the game on PC, Avalanche Studios released the minimum and recommended PC specs. Also, gamers who purchase and play Just Cause 3 on Xbox One will get a free copy of Just Cause 2 through Xbox’s Backwards Compatibility service.

Just Cause 3 launches December 1st on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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