WARSHIFT is an ambitious mix of RTS and action game elements that has been on Steam early-access for a couple months now. Though the game still needs some work, it is quite impressive considering it’s made entirely by one person. Over the past three years, thanks to a successful Kickstarter, Cyril Megem has worked on the game’s art, design, programming, and sound all on his own.

The game takes inspiration from Battlezone. The player lands on a foreign planet, has to build a base and army, then crush the enemy. The game differentiates itself from most RTS games by giving the player the option to take over hero units in battle and lead the assault themselves. Similar to heroes in the Warcraft series, these units level up and unlock new abilities and upgrades.

The game is definitely a work in progress at the moment. The UI, story, and sound design lack polish and the number of in-game factions/units are low compared to most full-release RTS. Even still, it is an incredible feat for a single person to accomplish.The real draw is the unique gameplay. While you might now want to buy-in now, if the gameplay interests you, keep an eye open for the full-release.Ambitious RTS Hybrid Was Made By Just One Man

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