RossBoomsocks is back with another video, and this one really hits home.
Countless times, we come across these players and they’re frustrating to no end. So without further ado, let’s talk about this video.

Player #1: The ‘I gotta go soon’ guy. He or she is the type of player who will start up a match knowing full well that they need to leave after 10 or 15 minutes and still queue up anyway. Honestly, if it’s a ten minute game you want, play some Town of Salem.

Player #2: The ‘Can’t play’ guy. If you can’t play a certain role, then say it. Don’t wait until everyone has called their roles and picked their champs to let us know that you can’t play a certain role. No matter what pick I am, I will always let my team know that i suck at jungling, so someone will pipe up and take that role. It sucks playing with someone who doesn’t rolecall then complains that they don’t know how to play the role that they’re left with.

Player #3: The ‘Pro ARAM’ guy. ARAM is a fun mode. You’re randomly given either the free champ of the week or one that you already own. You can trade with other players and reroll if you don’t want that champion. I play an ARAM at the start of every League day, just as a quick warm-up. But there is always someone who bashes their team and complains, and they’re usually the people who spend way too much time playing ARAM.

Player #4: The ‘Smurf’. A smurf in League of Legends is a player of a higher ELO playing on a lower ELO account. I have one. I use it to play with friends who only play like once a year, so they’re at a lower level. I don’t use it to rank up or anything. But some people like to watch the world burn and most of them are using smurfs. They will complain and act so much better than everyone else, while they’re probably only 3 divisions higher than them. Think of it this way: I’m Bronze 5 (by choice, I swear!) and you’re sitting at Bronze 2, and you’re on your B5 smurf account. First off, that’s barely considered a smurf. Second, you’re stuck in bronze, so shut it. Having a smurf does in no way mean that you are better than anyone else.

Player #5: The ‘No smite jungler’. At first, I thought Ross was talking about junglers that don’t take smite. That, we can usually deal with. But if you DO have smite, PLEASE do not wait until it’s on cooldown before starting a very important baron or dragon. That’s even worse than getting into the game without a smite. You have the timer on it, you know that you’ll be able to smite the baron. So why not wait until it’s up before starting it? And when you lose and the enemy team steals it and completely aces you, that is not the time to let your dead team know that you didn’t have smite that entire time.

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