Bungie will be unveiling some of the brand new Exotic gear players can expect to find within the upcoming Destiny: The Taken King expansion, releasing in September.

The company will be showing off the items to the world in a somewhat strange fashion, however, and will be using an Instagram account to detail some items. The account in question is ‘DestinyTheGame’, but Bungie have announced that Xur, the in-game vendor for Exotic gear, will be taking over the account to make the announcement.

“My will is not my own, Guardian” reads a quote by Xur on Destiny’s Instagram account. “The Nine have commanded me to reveal the Exotic treasures you may discover in the future. I will speak with you (on August 25th).”

As every Destiny players knows, Exotic items are a rarity within the game, and can only be gained for sure from Xur over the weekend, if the player has enough Strange Coins to barter with. Bungie also recently revealed that Exotic gear will be getting a brand new overhaul in Year 2 of Destiny, upgrading the stats of many items.

The Taken King will launch for Destiny on September 15th, and will retail for £40/$40.

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