You can already pick up Driveclub for free with PlayStation Plus, but for those of you who don’t have it, Sony have taken the price of the PlayStation digital store edition of Driveclub down to just $15.

The DLC for Driveclub is on sale too, for $13, therefore meaning you can get your hands on this great racing game complete with DLC for $28. There’s even a special bundle for PlayStation Plus members, where you can get the game and the DLC pass for $20.

In summary:

  • Driveclub is $15 (digital only)
  • Driveclub Season Pass (DLC) is $13
  • Driveclub – full version – plus Season Pass is $20 for PlayStation Plus players only

The game, which is coming up to the anniversary of its release, has sold over 2 million copies, even though initially it had a rocky start.

Evolution Studios, Driveclub’s developer, has begun to tease about their plans for the future, with lots of big surprises to be announced later in the year.

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