Bungie has officially revealed the Destiny VIP rewards that will be available to select players with the release of the upcoming expansion pack, The Taken King.

Having already teased these VIP rewards earlier this year, Bungie finally officially released a new trailer that offers a much better look at each of the items. These items include a special armour shader, sparrow, and a player emblem, all of which are shown in the video below.

In order to get all these goodies you’ll have to fill one of two criteria:

  • You need to have reached level 30 with at least one character


  • Have purchased the first two expansions (The Dark Below & House of Wolves) by August 31 2015.

Assuming you have fulfilled at least one of these criteria you’ll also have to play The Taken King by February 1 2016 in order to get your hands on the rewards.

These rewards will be available with the launch of The Taken King, which is due September 15. Bungie also announced that Gjallarhorn, the beloved rocket launcher will not be upgradable in The Taken King, as some weapons and armour will be. Read more about that here.