League of Legends player and Youtuber RossBoomsocks is back again and this week, he is talking about my favourite male marksman, Graves.

Graves is a great ADC and is super fun to play with. His Buckshot, while quite mana consuming, is an easy lane clearer once you have enough damage and is a decent harass. His W slows and blinds you, which is a pain in the rear to deal with, especially in team fights. A normal blind makes you unable to auto-attack. Graves’ blind makes you and your allies literally blind and unable to see anything around the smokescreen, so you have no idea where the enemy is positioning themselves. His E is his dash, which is a great escape or a way to secure a kill. His ultimate hurts. it just hurts.

He DOES have some downfalls, though. His basic attack animation isn’t as quick as some other ADCs and his base movement speed seems super slow and clunky in comparison to others. Also, why on earth would Riot remove his cigar, yet keep Gangplank’s threatening phrases? Rito pls.

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