Bold claims are being made by id Software ahead of the return of Doom. The new Doom game will apparently set “a new bar” for multiplayer first-person shooters, if executive producer Marty Stratton is to be believed.

Speaking to OXM recently, Stratton had this to say.

“For people who play Doom, it will feel familiar, but I think for people who just, say, bought an Xbox One and it’s their first time playing anything related to Doom, they will find it super-fun, super-fresh, and it will be a new bar for them on how they expect other games to feel.”

Do you think Doom can set a new standard for one of the most competitive genres in gaming? It doesn’t matter how many people roll their eyes at the annual releases of Call of Duty; the franchise is still considered by many to be the pinnacle of online first-person shooting. Will Doom be the game to compete with that?

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