The very popular Netflix Original series ”Daredevil” may be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE, according to the people over at MoviePilot.

An anonymous source spoke with Hans Honest News stating:

“What Daredevil game ? What the hell are you talking about ? Who the hell even are you and how’d you get in my house ? Get the hell out !”

Sounds promising! There is definitely a hint in there at what is to come in the near future for the video game. After fans spent many a sleepless night playing the flawless Batman: Arkham Knight game, they are excited to hear that they can play pretty much the exact same game, but with another protagonist.

The following are the facts that we know of so far about the game:

  • The game will be a vague rip off of Batman: Arkham Knight, which itself was a blatant plagiarism of the aptly named Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • Set in Matt Murdock’s office, most of the gameplay will encompass the usual legislative work and daily going on’s one would expect in a law firm.
  • Taking a first person perspective, Daredevil will give fans a never before seen insight into what it is be a blind person, by having you constantly bumping into objects.
  • The combat system will be highly sophisticated, taking into consideration Daredevil’s keen senses and radar vision to provide an authentic Daredevil experience.
  • The game will feature no actual combat.
  • The instruction manual will be written in braille.
  • If you enter the code BENAFFLECK03 the game will fatally crash instantaneously.
  • An Elektra spin off is to inexplicably be developed by Warner Brothers Game Studios despite Warner Brothers being the owners of rival company DC.
  • The game is expected to receive an R rating for ridiculous.

A huge thank you to MoviePilot for breaking the news and giving us all a few laughs!


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