PAX Prime takes place this weekend. It has been announced that we will be receiving some Street Fighter V information at the show.

Veteran producer Yoshinori Ono announced on Twitter that there will be a Street Fighter 5 announcement at PAX Prime. He stated: “Unfortunately, I’ll be not able to visit to PAX prime in this weekend. However we’re making preparation new something announcement for SFV!”

He added: “I’m excited about it announcement!! ;D At last I’ve got my wish!! I’m sure that it will make you happy.”

Ono also announced that the Street Fighter V beta will start back up soon. “We’ll announce about SFV beta re-start for NA/LATAM area in soon,” he said. “Thanks for your supporting.” The beta originally launced on July 23rd. When it went live, however, it faced a number of issues, forcing Capcom to shut it down.

Street Fighter V releases in spring 2016. The title will release on PC and PlayStation 4. Cross-platform play will be supported. PAX Prime runs August 28-31.

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