When the upcoming Fable Legends releases on PC, Lionhead Studios has revealed that the co-operative adventure game will not be available on Steam.

The studio made the announcement on Twitter, where a representative of Lionhead Studios stated that the game “will be on Windows 10 but not Steam, sorry!” This was answering a question from a fan on Twitter, and the representative went on to give the same answer to various other questions.

While there are previous Fable games available to purchase on Steam, it’s not all that surprising that Microsoft would prioritise fans purchasing Fable Legends in a different, more beneficial way to the company, although they are yet to reveal how fans can purchase the PC version of the game.

Fable Legends is still currently without a release date, after being shown off for the first time during E3 2013 for the Xbox One. Lionhead has ambitious plans for the game, hoping to achieve a “10 year lifespan” through plenty of DLC releases post-release.

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