New details have been revealed regarding how the XP system will work in Fallout 4, and by the looks of things the system has become awfully deep!

According to OXM, “you’ll still level up via XP, and each level increase will still give you a point to spend on a perk, but now those perks have varying XP levels of their own. It’s perk-ception, essentially, and means that, should you theoretically play long enough to max out every tier of every single one – gaining untold buffs and no doubt all kinds of horrendous real-world illnesses in the process – you’ll top off with a total of 275.”

Essentially what this means is that each individual perk carries its own XP levels that will tie into your overall XP rank. What does it mean for you? It means that there will likely be tons more potential play time than in Fallout 3 because there will likely be incentives for levelling up certain perks and playing the game multiple times.

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