In case you hadn’t heard, legendary RPG Final Fantasy VII was released on IOS and Android today. With all the hype surrounding the games upcoming remake, it seems like Square Enix is capitalizing on the fans desire for anything FFVII related. Unlike the games impending remake, the mobile version is a straight-up port of the original game… with some tweaks.

In similar fashion to Bravely Default, FFVII Mobile allows the player to switch off random encounters, meaning the only battles the player would be forced to undertake would be those that progress the story (i.e. boss fights). While this seems like it might be an issue, as the player would gain next to no experience in between fights, FFVII Mobile has a solution. Essentially a cheat code, players can select an option that maxes out their characters stats, rendering grinding (or strategy for that matter) completely pointless.

Square also launched an app called Final Fantasy Portal, which will act as a mobile news source for all things Final Fantasy. Through the app you can play Final Fantasy VIII ‘s Triple Triad as well as download the original Final Fantasy for free till the end of the month.

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