A new Destiny loophole has been discovered that lets players stock up on Exotic engrams with minimal effort. The process by which this works can be seen in the video below. It’s pretty simple, but be aware… It involves explosions and death. Namely yours.

First, you need to head to Xur, the Destiny vendor who just appeared again in the game yesterday, and pick up some Three of Coins consumables. This is a new item which, when used, increases the likelihood of an Exotic item dropping from your next boss kill.

Next, find a Destiny ‘Ultra’, a named boss featuring a yellow health bar, and get it down to low health. A user on Reddit by the name of KinetiClutch has said that this works on Draksis, the boss from the Scourge of Winter story mission. Now use a Three of Coins item and then finish off the boss with a rocket launcher in close range.

This will kill both of you, but the boss will drop an Exotic engram. After respawning, the engram will be on the ground where you left it!

If you’re hoping to capitalize on this loophole, do so quickly. Bungie is aware that the drop rates from this loophole are too high and a hotfix is presumably being created as I type this.

Bungie’s Community Manager, David ‘Deej’ Dague has written on Reddit:

I was just conferring with the design team about how Three of Coins is performing in the wild, it is their assessment, and yours as well, given the context of the dialogue here, that the drop rates are too damn high. For now, this will play in your favor…

He added:

You earned those coins. Have fun spending them. The Nine may be delighted that you’re blowing them all now, as always, thanks for being an outstanding source of feedback and awareness. We like you just fine.

Destiny’s new expansion, The Taken King, was released on Spetember 15. The DLC costs $40 on it’s own or is available through the $60 Legendary Edition, which also comes with the base game and the two previous expansions, The Dark Below & House of Wolves.

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