What is seemingly a push to throw out all the Final Fantasy games onto the iOS systems, Square Enix has thrown out the above shown launch trailer for Final Fantasy VII. Sink your teeth into the nostalgic JRPG that stunned the world and had fans begging for a remake for so long. For people who have played the game and are awaiting in sick anticipation for the remake, this would provide a good way to drain your battery while fulfilling your nostalgic urges. For people who have never played it, and can’t wait for the remake for whatever reason, this would be a nice gateway demo for the game.

The iOS version of Final Fantasy VII is a port from the PC release version that’s available on Steam. On the app store, you can purchase the game for your iPad or iPhone for the sum of $15.99 USD. Over yonder at the Steam store you can pick up the game for $11.99 USD.

I guess it’s more expensive for the sake of convenience? I can hardly recommend picking up this version of the game even if you love the game. If you really have no other option but to play on an iPad, plugged into a wall at all times, then go for it. Otherwise, there are many other ways to play the game and it’s a whole lot better to wait until the anticipated remake.

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