The long running TV show Power Rangers is hitting the big screen with a reboot this March. As part of the build up to the movie’s release, a mobile app tie-in is to be launched on Android and iOS devices.

Named Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, a new teaser trailer has recently released. This gives us a small glimpse of the colored costume heroes doing battle against enemies and each other in a side-on fighting game.

The movie, which is due to reach screens on 23rd March this year, carries the tag line, “Together We Are More.” Very poetic and accurate given the hero team’s tendency in the TV show to be beaten in every episode until they join forces and ultimately defeat their opponent. The film stars Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks, and certainly appears to have all the hallmarks to be a big budget smash.

The mobile app becomes available for download in March also. So far only the short teaser trailer has been revealed from developers Saban Brands, but Legacy Wars is set to feature the new Rangers from the movie, the TV versions of the youthful villan fighters, as well as the Dino Charge Rangers from the TV spin-off series, among other characters from the Power Rangers Universe.

As the release of Power Rangers draws closer, expect further developments and information to surface.

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