As the third title to release for PlayStation’s Summer of Play program, Galak-Z is a 2-D spaceship shooter, robot sword fighting, and space opera that scored well with most game critics, including Gamespresso’s. The game’s faults are very much outweighed by the positives of being a fun space shooter that’s definitely changed up the typical “shmup” genre. For those unwilling to drag along a PS4, monitor, and portable battery in order to play Galak-Z on the go, 17-Bit has the solution for you!

Along with help from publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America, who are preparing to release an HD remake of Grandia II, Galak-Z will be released next year on iOS and Android platforms. Titled Galak-Z: Variant Mode, the game’s UI and controls will be optimized for touch screen controls.

“Players and critics have embraced Galak-Z: The Dimensional since its release earlier this month, and we have the same high expectations for Galak-Z: Variant Mobile,” stated GungHo America president Jun Iwasaki to GameSpot. “GungHo Online Entertainment’s expertise and 17-Bit’s creative vision provided a perfect match for the mobile game, and it’s guaranteed to deliver an entertaining experience for everyone.”

Jun Iwasaki did not specifically state when Galak-Z: Variant Mode would release, but does confirm for a 2016 release.

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