Grandia II 3Earlier in the year, we were given the news that the Dreamcast favorite Grandia II would be given a PC HD remake. Thanks to polls distributed by GungHu Online Entertainment America, the cult-classic JRPG was chosen to be given updated graphics by developer Game Arts. The remake has now officially been given a release date.

Titled Grandia II Anniversary Edition, the remake will release on August 24th, having been originally released 15 years ago. It will initially be released on Steam and GOG for the discounted price of $14.99, then eventually hop up to it’s full price of $19.99.

While there are more additions to the game such as a harder difficulty level, Japanese voice acting tracks, and gamepad support, the game plans on being a faithful rework of the classic game that fans have known and loved.

“After careful consideration, we have chosen to retitle the game for PC to Grandia II Anniversary Edition in order to properly celebrate Grandia II’s 15th anniversary,” said President and CEO of Game Arts and GungHo Kazuki Morsishita in a statement. “The fans voted and, now, we are proud to bring a revamped edition of the classic role-playing game from Dreamcast to PC as Grandia II Anniversary Edition.”

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