The much anticipated top-down action game Hyper Light Drifter “will be released in spring of 2016” say developers, Heart Machine.

In a Kickstarter update to backers, Heart Machine addressed the constant pushing back of the game’s release date from 2014 to indefinite limbo to spring of 2016. “Release dates are a sensitive subject, and our attitude has been to take the time we need to do this right. Though we have hinted at estimated dates before, we are thrilled to finally come to you in certainty with our official release window!”

As far as the condition of the game, the developers state “The game is rapidly nearing content completion. There’s balancing to be done with the economy/collectables, vital playtesting remains for specific regions and bosses, further cleanup for levels and remaining temp assets, some music to be composed, and bugs to be fixed. Each of these components are being worked on in-tandem, and each requires a healthy amount of time to bring to a satisfying, polished conclusion.”

“We have set a high standard for ourselves throughout the entire process, and will not compromise those to release a title before it’s ready.” They go on to state, “We’ve seen how that choice turns out time and time again. The final game will be far better for it.”

hyper light drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is being developed using the GameMaker engine and will be first released on Windows and Mac platforms, followed “as quickly as possible” by console versions.

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