Microsoft will begin releasing their first major update for the Xbox One in 2015 today.

On their update description, Microsoft states, “Since Xbox One launched, we made a commitment to listen to feedback from the Xbox Live community and we continue to deliver on that promise. We’re always listening to your thoughts and will continue adding new features and improving existing functionality to enhance your gaming and entertainment experiences on Xbox One.”

The update brings controller improvements, targeting both speed and stability. Microsoft claims the controller, which previously took four to five seconds to connect to the console, will now take approximately two. Disconnect issues experience by some players will also be fixed.

Various improvements have been made to party chat, including new icons allowing you to know the status of the party connection, improved connectivity for users with strict or moderate NATs in their home router setup, the ability to see who is inviting you to games and parties quicker, and decreased time needed for person-to-person connectivity.

Tile transparency was added as an option for your background image on the home screen for improved visibility.

A large number of TV updates were added, including the ability to see what is trending on Xbox and Twitter while browsing TV listings, improved control of TVs and audio-video receivers, and a large number of updates were added for countries outside of the US, including live streaming to Windows Phone and Android.

Finally, Microsoft revealed game hubs, which will be centers for content information for every Xbox One game. Game hubs will include tricks, tips, game clips, broadcast streams, as well as information about leaderboards to compete with your friends.

The Xbox one update should be rolling out to users today. Check out the video from Microsoft team member Larry Hyrb on how to update.


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