One thing Destiny has always looked pretty sweet in is the interesting character designs. Bungie knows that, and that’s why they revealed figurines for the Destiny Hunter and Warlock characters. Bungie has enlisted the help of 3A to create their new line of Destiny figurines with the first two being shown.


The first set of three belong to the Warlock class, with three different paint job. The Warlock figurine stands about 12.6 inches tall and will have different pieces of armor to customize them to your liking. The three different editions will still come with the same armor model and multiple weapons including the Thorn and No Time To Explain.


Meanwhile, the second set of three belong to the Hunter who much like the Warlock can be bought in three different flavors. The hunter stands 12.2 inches tall and various different shaders and armor pieces. The Hunter comes with the Fatebringer and Ice Breaker for customization.

The Warlock is already out and ready for purchase while the Hunter is slated for release on the 21st of July. Both of the two models will run you for $190 USD. For more details you can check out the Warlock and the Hunter on their respective store page.

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