Since Kojima’s freedom from Konami, he’s been milling together the next big title with his new company Kojima Productions. As it is his first entry with the now Sony-owned company, Kojima had decided to create a game that wasn’t a product of collaboration, despite the desire to work with Normal Reedus and Guillermo del Toro again.

The decision to work alone was due to Kojima to make sure that his first entry for Sony was going to be completely ‘Kojima’ and not a game produced by shared blood, sweat and tears. Ideally, he suggested that the game could become its own franchise that would lead to media outside of just games including anime, figures, manga and more.

Kojima made it clear that Sony didn’t force his decision and was stated that they were respectful of his wishes as part of his deal. It was also mentioned that prior to signing up with Sony, Kojima was toying with the idea of going indie. That however was stopped when friends, fans and acquaintances convinced him to work on big projects that would be impossible had he gone independent.

No word on what the new IP will be, but only time will tell. Whatever it is, fans will flock and be prepared to be invested in his projects.

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