The hacking battle still rages on between Nintendo and hackers. Months ago, the game Cubic Ninja was the gateway game that enabled hacker Jordan ‘Smealum’ Rabet to delve into and enable homebrew on the 3DS. Rabet is back on the case again and managed to find an exploit for the free to play game Ironfall: Invasion.

According to the developer, when Smealum revealed the exploit a month ago, he has seen a surge in downloads from the eShop. As a response, Nintendo has taken down the game from the eShop as mentioned by Nintendo of Europe’s tweet:

The video showing off the exploit by Jordan is as shown:

As of now, Jordan hasn’t revealed how the exploit was made, but knowing that Nintendo would plug the holes as much as they can, he’s instead opting to work on another way of working around the 3DS exploit. A sneaky tweet mentions that his next little project will be on the 3DS Youtube app and is encouraging people to download it before he shows it off.

While the homebrew scene has been smeared with the preconceived idea it is being worked on for just piracy. For others, there has been desire for the homebrew to enable a more customized experience with the 3DS and unlocked region locks. That said, if you’re conscious about the integrity of your system, it’s best to not mess around with the whole homebrew scene unless you’re totally sure.

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