Big Keanu Reeves fan? Bigger Payday fan? Well publisher Starbreeze behind the hit heist series Payday has some good news for you. Lionsgate—the studio behind the hit movie John Wick—recently announced a partnership with Starbreeze for a virtual reality game based on the movie.

Though this was only an announcement of the project with no screens or video, the game will be a first-person shooter that uses the world and characters from the movie. The game is slated for spring 2016 and will hit “most existing VR headsets”. Also announced was a teaser version of the game that will come to the HTC Vive later this year. The game is set to be developed by WEVR and a mobile and VR studio called Grab. Stabreeze will act as publisher.

This partnership has already been witnessed in the Payday series with character John Wick being playable in the most updated versions of Payday 2. Starbreeze has commented that more integration will continue for “cross-promotion and integration of the two games”. For more on any games featuring Keanu Reeves, keep checking back with Gamespresso.

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