The ballot wars rage on as fans feverishly bicker about who deserves to be accepted into the Smash Bros. roster. With the closing date for the official poll closing soon; an unofficial poll over on the Smash Bros. subreddit was made a week ago to see if the votes was changed from the previous ones. This poll took out certain characters that the poster believed would more than likely not be making an appearance due to being deconfirmed for an assortment of reasons such as King K. Rool and the Inklings being Mii costumes.

The current winner by double the votes of the runner up is Shantae of Shantae fame. A genie that made her debut into the gaming world on the Gameboy Color, she was a classic platformer and received much love throughout her game character career. Her success in popularity is more than likely due to her surge in popularity after Wayforward’s successful Kickstarter campaign for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. That game itself is still under wraps and has yet to be released after delaying its original release last year.

Other characters that had followed up behind Shantae were Shovel Knight, series veteran Wolf and Snake, and Golden Sun’s Isaac. All 5 are strong contenders for making the cut to appear as playable characters as polls for the official ballot close on October 3rd, 2015.

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