metal gear solid v the phantom pain collectors editionIf you’re about to become a Metal Gear Solid V owner on PS4, I hope you weren’t expecting to use everything promised to you for pre-ordering the game.

It seems Konami forgot to include the DLC codes for PS4. Reddit users are widely reporting the absence of codes for the PS4 Day 1 and Collectors Edition of the game. The Xbox One version appears to be unaffected.

It’s been reported Konami will be supplying codes to retailers to pass onto their customers. Reddit user maltrain posted:

OK. So we made the unboxing of the Collector’s Edition on YouTube yesterday and we noticed they didn’t have DLC codes anywhere. We talked to Konami and they gave us an answer: because of an error on the process, PS4 editions don’t have DLC codes on the box. Xbox One editions have them. Next week, Konami will send us the DLC codes for giving them to our clients. I suppose this will happen on every retailer.

Quid_Pro_Bono, also on Reddit, posted that Amazon will be emailing customers their codes once the game has shipped:

Okay, I checked with Amazon about my pre-order and they said that they’ll be emailing the codes after the games ship

They also included an image of their conversion with an Amazon customer service representative (which can be seen here), backing up the claim.

The extra content for the Collectors Edition is:

  • Snake Costume Pack (4 camouflage outfits for Snake)
  • Cardboard Box Pack (3 cardboard boxes)
  • Weapons Pack (4 guns, 4 ballistic shields)
  • Venom Snake Emblem
  • Metal Gear Online items (Metal Gear Rex Helmet, AM MRS-4 Gold, WU S. Pistol Gold)
  • Metal Gear Online XP Boost

The extra content for the Day 1 Edition is:

  • Adam-ska special revolver
  • Silver personal ballistic shield
  • Wetland cardboard box
  • Blue urban fatigues outfit
  • Metal Gear Online XP Boost

Hopefully it won’t take too long to rectify the situation so players can enjoy all the content they were expecting.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is to be released in a matter of days on September 1st for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

[Via GameSpot]

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