Sony is a very forward thinking and fast moving tech company. In 1994 it took on the gaming company head first with the release of the original PlayStation. Now it is at the top of its game with the PS4, a VR headset coming soon, and more. One piece of the gaming world, however, was denied from them.

It was reported that Sony was denied their trademark to the phrase “Let’s Play”. Since “Let’s Play” is such a common phrase used for YouTubers and those on Twitch playing video games with their own brand of commentary, it seems like an unusual thing to trademark. The term’s mainstream existence, however, was not the reason for Sony’s denial of owning it. The rejection from the USTPO claims that it is too similar to “LP Let’s Play”, which is a group that runs gaming tournaments and offers other online gaming services.

Sony still has a chance to appeal against the refusal and make their argument as to why it should be withdrawn. The decision is most like for the best, however, as one company owning “Let’s Play” could lead to a monopoly that many YouTubers and Twitch users would not be happy about.

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