Saturday August 15th marks day 1 of the Summer Split semifinals for the NA League Championship Series and we’re spoiled by having Counter Logic Gaming go head to head with Team Impulse.

My predictions going into the best of 5 was that CLG will win. Ever since they picked up Poebelter as midlaner once Link left, the team has been performing excellently and I feel Poebelter’s skill really shows. However, at currently 17 minutes into the game, TIP is winning 8-3 in game 1.

It’s no secret that TSM is my favourite NA team, but there is no denying that CLG is an insanely good team. Doublelift’s Tristana is very strong and matched with Aphromoo’s Braum, you have an insane botlane.

TIP has a very good comp as well, with Apollo being a very skillful ADC. At 26 minutes, TIP Gate is 4-1 as Lulu mid. They were able to get a very important baron, and so far, we’re looking at a long game. 36 minutes in, CLG is losing 11-12.  But then they get their first baron and almost completely wreck TIP. They push toplane to the first inhibitor turret and then succeed in getting the first inhib of the game. Looking good for CLG.

I had expected it to be a -30 minute game, judging by how well TIP were fairing at the 15 minute mark, but I am pleasantly surprised. The game was pretty much won once they got the inhib. They rushed the nexus turrets and suceeded in demolishing them, with the nexus along with them.

Looking forward to game 2 which will be up in a few minutes!

GGWP to both teams!

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