The Call of Duty Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta is currently available to all PS4 users and has recently been updated with a few nice additions. The update to the beta introduces a new mode, and a new map as well as a new level cap.

  • New mode: Uplink (bringing total number of modes to eight)
  • New map: Stronghold (bringing total number of maps to four)
  • New level cap: 34 (lets you unlock new items such as the VMP SMG, Reaper Specialist, Power Core scorestreak, and the H.A.T.R. scorestreak)

Despite the introduction of the new level cap, Treyarch claims that less than 10 percent of the beta’s players had reached what was then the level cap at the time it was raised. It comes as no surprise that updates have been made as the beta was originally advertised as having “7+ maps” and “3+ modes”.

Xbox One and PC users will be able to access the beta from August 26 – 30.

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