After the Season 5  finale of Game of Thrones, there is one question on everyone’s mind:  What happened to Jon Snow?!   As no clear answer has been given (neither in the books or the television series), fans have been anxiously awaiting for the next installment in the critically acclaimed series.  It seems however, that they may have to wait just a little bit longer, possibly into late April or early May.

This may be due to the premiere of the new show Vinyl, a series placed in 1970’s New York City that is set to premiere on February 14.  HBO has also given the unofficial dates for the series Girls and Togetherness, both set for February 21st.   These shows would most likely end around late April, which would then push Game of Thrones back into May, ending sometime in mid-July.

While the reps for HBO told Polygon that “nothing has been pushed back because an air date has not been officially announced” it seems a safe speculation to assume that Game of Thrones will indeed be delayed a few weeks, which may seem like absolute torture to fans who desperately want last seasons many cliffhangers to be answered.  Although whether or not we find out what truly happened to Jon Snow remains a mystery.

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