Multiverse Studio has recently revealed the two variants of their Ryu Hayabusa statue. Even when 1/6 his size and made of resin, Ryu still looks like a deadly assassin.

The two variations are the “Bludgeoning Staff Variant” and the “Retro Blue Variant.”


The former (pictured above) has Ryu wielding his Lunar Staff, a weapon in the series. The statue features blood splattered on Ryu’s arms and on the ground.


The latter harkens back to Ryu’s roots on the NES. The statue sports Ryu’s original blue paint job and two katanas.

Both statues will only have 100 copies produced, driving the price sky high. A single one will set you back $300. They will be available at ThinkGeek’s booth at PAX Prime in Seattle. Unsold statue’s will be resold on their website at a later date. You can see more of these Ryu Hayabusa statues here.

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