E3 has been seeing a lot of changes, both this year and last. For 2016 a lot of scheduling changes are being made, with several companies choosing to run their own independent event in the area. For 2015, we saw the addition of a whole new panel: PC.

Powered by PC Gamer, the PC section of E3 was off to a smashing start. With announcements from huge companies, including Blizzard, Nvidia, and Tripwire, it was an excellent way of capturing the versatility in the PC market. Rather then having one company presenting(similar to that of the Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo shows), it was several different companies.

Along with the announcement of the returning panel, PC Gamer reassured that they would be condensing the show into something more news filled. “This year’s show will be more focused, but packed with tons of new announcements and exclusive reveals.”

The PC Gaming show will be live from Los Angeles on Monday, June 13th at 12 noon PDT (7 PM GMT).

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