Ubisoft has posted the patch notes for the second major Public Test Sever for The Division in their forums, the full list of which can be found here.

If you have been keeping track of the changes to The Division since the massive 1.4 update, it is important to note that all of the comparative values listed in the patch notes are in reference to the stats from PTS 1, rather than the live version of the game.

The update features several changes that apply only to the Survival game mode, such as adjustments to NPC’s damage and health (to increase their lethality), crafting being more difficult overall, removing weapon mods that increase magazine size, and requiring a score of 600 instead of 400 to reach Novice Rank.

In addition to Survival mode, general gameplay changes include modified rewards for completing weekly assignments, named gear pieces now have a chance to be obtained in Field Proficiency caches, LMGs do less damage to targets out of cover, the MG5’s time to max accuracy has been increased, and the Tactical Link skill has had its damage bonus reduced from 35% to 30%.

There are also several bug fixes for issues such as Supply Drops awarding items with an incorrect Gear Score, weapons getting two of the same Talents, and players being unable to switch between primary and secondary weapons.

The changes were deployed to the PTS on November 11.

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