The Pokemon Company, owners of the popular monster battling franchise, has filed a lawsuit against two fans for setting up a for-profit, unofficial Pokemon party. The “5th Annual Unofficial Pokemon PAX Kickoff,” as it was officially named, was meant to be held Thursday at the beginning of the PAX Prime weekend event. The two creators of the event, Ramar Larkin Jones and Zach Shore, were advertising an “AMAZIN POKEMON MASHUP,” “Pokemon-themed shots and drinks,” a “Smash Bros. Tournament with cash prize,” as well as dancing, giveaways, a cosplay contest, and more on their Eventbrite page, which has since been taken down.

Aside from the very un-Pokemon nature of the event (given that Pokemon is very child friendly), characters from the franchise Pikachu and Snivy were used on posters for the event as well as on social media. Tickets for the party went for $2.

The Pokemon Company’s legal team called the event a “blatant and willful infringement” of its IP in the lawsuit they filed on Wednesday. No permission was ever sought to use the materials. The main issue cited here was the use of Pikachu and Snivy characters, a direct infringement of the company’s “exclusive rights in the Pokemon Works.”


The Pokemon Company is seeking damages, attorneys’ fees, and the prevention of any similar events in the future. They have requested a trial by jury to judge the case.

Considering the blatant nature of the ordeal, it seems rather simple who is at fault here. If you disagree, let me know in the comments. For all things gaming, catch all of your news here at Gamespresso.

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