rare_replay_banjo - rare revealed featured imageRare Revealed are unlock-able videos in the Rare Replay collection which launched earlier this month.

These videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at the developer, its history and the games it has released, as well as a peak at unreleased material.

The news was revealed by Rare on Twitter, by saying:

Enjoy the Rare Revealed videos? We’ll make some more for YouTube! Early 2.5D Banjo and Bottles’ Revenge #tbt tease…

To get access to all the unlock-ables in Rare Replay requires you to play through all of the 30 games included, that’s quite the task – especially as it’s likely to include going through some titles you’d rather not bother with.

Luckily, the videos have made their way to Youtube, so you’re able to enjoy them without having to trawl through all the games.

It’s not yet known when the new Rare Revealed videos will be uploaded, so users are being prompted to subscribe to Rare’s Youtube Channel.

As stated earlier, Rare Replay was released earlier this month and is a collection of 30 titles from the developer. You can read the Gamespresso review here.

[Via GameSpot]

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