Destiny: Rise of Iron made its official debut in Bungie’s livestream on Twitch today. The expansion will release September 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rise of Iron will be available for $30 and requires The Taken King (includes Expansions I & II), which are sold separately.

The setting for Rise of Iron is called the Plaguelands, a new zone set in Old Russia. It will also include new gear,  a six-player raid called Felwinter Peak, a new co-op three-player Strike, and a Light level increase.

Bungie also announced that Rise of Iron will no be coming to last-generation consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3). However, players will have the ability to transfer over character data and their inventory if they make the transition to current-generation systems.

The Gjallarhorn rocket launcher will make its return in Rise of Iron, and will be available for anyone to forge via an in-game quest. Players who pre-order the expansion will receive the Iron Gjallarhorn, a limited edition black and silver skin for the weapon.

Destiny was originally released in September of 2014 and has since received three previous expansions. What do you think of the new content? Are the new enemies and the allure of a year 2 Gjallarhorn enough to draw you back to the Tower? Let us know in the comments.

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