At a Distant Worlds concert, playing at Pittsburgh, Pensylvania; the conductor, Arnie Roth let slip a ‘remake’ in the works for the PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy XII. In the recorded footage above provided by Final Fantasy Network, Roth blatantly and very casually talks about the remake for the game before calling out the composer for Final Fantasy XII  to take the stage and help out with the next song.

Having Hitoshi Sakimoto there during the announcement had all but assisted in the verification of this very random announcement drop without any sort of correction from the game’s original composer. The only thing remaining is a proper trailer or announcement from Square Enix themselves. After a meet and greet during the event, both Roth and Sakimoto couldn’t comment further; however, Roth had confirmed the ‘remake’ is indeed in the works.

Currently, ‘remake’ is inverted for everyone as it would entail the entire Final Fantasy XII game is being built from the ground up; such an undertaking is very costly and most of that resource should be heading to the Final Fantasy VII remake in the works. The more likely HD version of Final Fantasy XII would more than likely be a HD remastering akin to the treatment that Final Fantasy X and X-2.

Either way, I very much welcome some much needed HD remakes and remastering for the older games in the series; and I’m still looking forward to that fully fledged Final Fantasy VI remake that the child in me has been yearning for.

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