Tetris might have lost some popularity over the past few years, but people’s memories of the classic arcade game are still fresh and alive. Tetris is one of gaming’s earliest mascots, beating in popularity such hits as PacMan and Donkey Kong, when Donkey Kong was less about grabbing bananas and more about stealing princesses from plumbers. A new film titled Tetris is apparently in the works.

Unlike the latest World of Warcraft or Assassin’s Creed movies, Tetris attempts to provide a sort of documentary on the origins of Tetris’s development. The film will start with Alexey Pajitnov, Russian developer that created our favorite block destruction game during mid 1980’s. As well, the film plans on tackling some of the legal battles Tetris went through once it gained in popularity.

While it was reported last year that the Tetris movie would turn into some sci-fi epic, I for one am glad to see this more educational and interesting film. Not too many people look into the origins of how games are made, so films like Tetris might help to popularize this sort of film.

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