During a Halo 5: Guardians live stream, Phil Spencer, the current head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, called 343 Industries’ most recent entry in the Halo series an “important milestone” for  the Xbox One console. Spencer notes that “It’s easy to say that an Xbox generation never really starts until you have a purpose-built Halo game, and this is Halo 5 from the ground up Xbox One launching” while also commenting that the game’s launch is “an important milestone for us with Xbox One. The game looks great, feels great, 60 frames per second and it feels smooth when I’m playing [it].”

In referring to Guardians as a the first “purpose-built” Halo Xbox One title, Spencer acknowledges the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the console last year which was a remastering of the previous four Halo titles in the franchise’s main story line.

Further praising the development team at 343 Industries, Spencer explains “For me Halo 5, the attention to detail 343 has put into the multiplayer system in Halo, is something we wanted to do better than in Halo 4, something we wanted to perfect. I love what they did in Warzone, I love the purity of what they’ve done in arena. I think they focused on something they wanted to make a hallmark of Halo 5. I think they delivered on that.”

What are your thoughts on the most recent entry in the Halo franchise? Do you agree with Spencer’s statement that “without Halo, Xbox isn’t here.”? Let your thoughts be known and comment below.


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